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Welcome and thank you for your interest in us and our WoopSkinz products.

WoopSkinz was founded in 2017 with the aim of being able to offer you the best protective films for your cell phone and many other electrical devices, precisely when you ask for them. Therefore, the WoopSkinz protective film you need is only made up when you order via our online shop or from one of our WoopSkinz dealers. Go to the store and have the WoopSkinz protective film of your choice made and applied by your local dealer. This will strengthen stationary retail and secure jobs in your region. With our offer, the protective film you need is always in stock, regardless of whether your mobile phone is (too) old or (still) too new. Both the front (display) and the rear of the device can be protected. For the back we also offer special design foils that we call “Style”. These are available in many different variations and you can make an individual design statement.

Regardless of which option (online / stationary) you choose to order: Because your model-specific WoopSkinz protective film is only made from a universal WoopSkinz film blank after your order, you help to keep our stock and the stock of your dealer low and the natural ones To conserve resources. The problem is that, for example, the mobile communications market is characterized by a large variety of models but short product life cycles. Dealers therefore had to have a large number of accessories in stock, but at some point most of them would no longer be in demand and sooner or later would have to be disposed of. A disaster for the environment!

You can also help avoid garbage by placing an order with us or buying from one of our dealers. Our WoopSkinz protective films cause up to 90% less packaging waste than standard armored protective films, which come in lush blister packaging. Lots of packaging for little content!

You can be sure that you will not compromise on quality: Our WoopSkinz protective films are easy to apply, have a long shelf life and can be removed without leaving any residue if necessary. They can be attached bubble-free and reliably protect your electronic device from bumps, falls and scratches.

All of our WoopSkinz products are developed and designed with ❤️ in our HQ in Switzerland.

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